Quality Assurance

Food Safety and Traceability

At Barnes Farming and Farm Pak, we recognize the importance of a first-rate food safety program. That’s why we have a comprehensive program in place, from growing to packing and from processing to shipping. It starts with keeping daily records of each field that includes growing, harvesting, curing, packing and shipping our sweet potatoes. Our sweet potatoes maintain traceability from the field to the consumers’ fork! 

Individualized labeling is one of our specialties; we have traceability codes available with registered Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN).

Quality Control 

We also realize that quality and safety go hand-in-hand. In order to produce a “quality” product, special care must be taken to protect not only the appearance and taste of our sweet potatoes, but also their integrity as a food that is safe to eat. We integrate innovative quality control technology into virtually every aspect of our sweet potato growing, packing and shipping process.

Farm Pak Products packing operation is one of the most modern vegetable packing facilities in the United States. Below are a few details about our packing line, which uses the latest in computer technology.

Our packing line has:

  • 12 graders and 2 supervisors certified by USDA and United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association.
  • Digital cameras that instantaneously photograph each individual sweet potato for grading and size purposes.
  • Computerized grading to ensure our customers with consistent premium sweet potatoes. 
  • Automatic box fillers that tilt each box to cushion the sweet potatoes as they fall.
  • Individual sweet potato inspection prior to final packaging.

We also have refrigeration capabilities and temperature-controlled storage rooms that accommodate over 2.5 million bushels of sweet potatoes and enable us to provide the tastiest sweet potatoes year-round.

Only the finest quality sweet potatoes, sized to exact customer specifications, are delivered to our customer’s door. We can provide high-volume truckloads or individual, personalized orders.

We understand the importance of a clean crop. It is good for us, the environment, the produce buyer or food service provider, as well as the consumer of our nutritious sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes enter the packing house from temperature controlled storage facilities and are brought towards the dump tank to start the packing process.Our pick-out conveyors are utilized for quality control as employees are stationed to manage each area.
Air knives dry sweet potatoes prior to moving onto a crossover conveyor that distributes the product evenly.Sweet potatoes are singulated and sent through an electronic sizer to ensure they are packed to customers’ exact specifications.